Crestone Peak

Elevation (feet) 14294

Elevation (meters) 4357

Location Rocky Mountains
Colorado, USA
North America

Latitude 37° 58' 00" N

Longitude 105° 35' 05" W

Best Climbing Months July, August, September

Year First Climbed 1916

First Climber(s) Albert Ellingwood

Convenient Center(s) Westcliffe

Nearest Major Airport Denver or Colorado Springs

Easiest Summit Route Scramble

Crestone Peak and Crestone Needle were the last two fourteeners in Colorado to be climbed. The South Couloir route is the easiest route to climb, but reaching it requires a steep hike over Broken Hand Pass from South Colony Lakes or the difficult Cottonwood Creek approach from the west. The North Couloir is easier to approach but a much steeper and looser climb. The traverse between Crestone Peak and Crestone Needle is considered one of the four great fourteener ridge traverses in Colorado.