Kit Carson Mountain

Other names/spellings Kit Carson Peak

Elevation (feet) 14165

Elevation (meters) 4318

Location Rocky Mountains
Colorado, USA
North America

Latitude 37° 58' 47" N

Longitude 105° 36' 07" W

Best Climbing Months July, August, September

Year First Climbed 1916

First Climber(s) Albert R. Ellingwood

Convenient Center(s) Crestone

Nearest Major Airport Denver or Colorado Springs

Easiest Summit Route Scramble

Kit Carson Mountain includes 3 significant summits, the highest being Kit Carson Peak. The other two are Challenger Point (14,081), and an unnamed 13,980 foot peak. This unnamed peak is sometimes called "Kat Carson." Many people climb over Challenger Point from the western approach, then pick up a ledge called "Kit Carson Avenue" to a Class 3 gully. From the east, people usually climb over Point 13,980 to reach the same Class 3 gully. There are awesome views from the summit of the San Luis Valley to the west and Crestone Peak to the south.