Little Bear Peak

Elevation (feet) 14037

Elevation (meters) 4279

Location Rocky Mountains
Colorado, USA
North America

Best Climbing Months July, August, September

Year First Climbed 1888

First Climber(s) Charles Fay & J.R. Edmands

Convenient Center(s) Walsenburg

Nearest Major Airport Colorado Springs

Easiest Summit Route Scramble

Little Bear Peak, which is southwest of Blanca Peak, is one of Colorado's hardest fourteeners. The only approach available to the public is via the Lake Como Road. The easiest route is the West Ridge, with the crux being an hourglass-shaped gully often referred to as "The Bowling Alley." The steepest Class 4 section is on solid rock, but the less steep portion above the gully contains a lot of loose rock, which is easily knocked down into the gully. This is definitely a place to wear a helmet. Many climbers prefer to rappel down the gully. The ridge traverse to Blanca Peak is one of Colorado's "Four Great Fourteener Traverses," and is usually considered the most difficult of the four.